Bensel Cars produces and assembles Electrical vehicles (EV’s) for multiple purposes.

EV’s can be highly compatible or custom made for: people transport(2-8 people), landscape maintenance or transport vehicle. The standard cars from Bensel Cars have the best price / quality ratio in the line.  The custom options are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Bensel cars quality

Bensel Cars are equipped with programmable Curtis controllers and Trojan batteries. The vehicles are developed and assembled in-house. Some examples of the use of high quality components and materials:

  • Intelligent high frequency chargers
  • Complete lighting front and rear standard
  • Always alloy wheels
  • Metallic paint without surcharge
  • Indicators in the basic version
  • Horn is standard
  • Possibility of maintenance free batteries

Road permission optional

From 2010 Bensel Cars EVs are available with European approval for the public road. Sometimes one sees EVs driving without a license plate on the road , these people drive uninsured (WA) . The requirement to ensure EVs for use on public roads is a license plate and a driver at least in possession of a car license.

Maintenance free batteries

These are batteries that require no maintenance as the weekly top up with demineralised water , which is necessary with lead batteries. During the charging process, harmful gases and leaked battery acidis no longer an issue. The life span is generally longer and maintenance-free batteries are environmental friendly.