Good (preventive) maintenance of your vehicle prevents unnecessary costs


Good (preventive) maintenance of your vehicle prevents unnecessary costs

Maintenance remains important for every type of vehicle to extend its life.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, we can prevent problems during maintenance by checking everything for defects. This allows you to continue driving carefree. One of the most important parts of a golf cart is the batteries. With lead batteries, checking the demi-water level is very important. If you do not do this, you have a good chance that the range and battery life will decrease considerably. Of course, not only the batteries are important.

Bensel Maintenance

The complete package

• Control / functioning of the steering system
• Lubricate all rotating parts
• Brake adjustments and functioning
• Battery level, connections & test (as well as the battery charger)
• Lighting (if present on the cart)
• Wheel bearings, suspension & tire pressure
• Level and quality differential oil
• Motor connections & controller connections
• Optical check / present defects

We carry out maintenance to every brand of golf cart!

We always recommend having your vehicle serviced (every 6 months) (preventively). This is best for maintaining the quality of your vehicle.

Feel free to bring your vehicle to us or leave the transport to us. Bensel Cars offers the possibility to maintain any brand of golf cart. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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